Thanks to the Sasakawa Health Foundation COVID-19 Relief Assistancefor PGH Hansen’s Club members!

A Multi-Purpose Cash Relief Assistance and mobile phone data load were distributed to all
the members in order to ease the financial challenges brough about by the pandemic and
constant lockdowns. Cellphone load is also essential for communication between members
and their day-to-day needs.
Susette, a member of the PGH Hansen’s Club, is very grateful to the Sasakawa Health
Foundation for the COVID Relief Assistance. She was able to buy food and groceries for
her daily needs.
This was made possible through a joint Project of 笹川保健財団 Sasakawa Health
Foundation, PGH Hansen’s Club, Philippine Leprosy Mission, and the Department of
Dermatology, Philippine General Hospital – University of the Philippines Manila.


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