The Philippine Leprosy Mission received support from the Girl Scouts of the Philippines!


The Philippine Leprosy Mission (PLM), a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to the cure and care of persons affected by leprosy, is continuing its advocacy and partnership with the Department of Health to control leprosy in hyper-endemic areas. Despite the discovery of medicine to treat the disease and the continuous effort to ensure that they receive immediate diagnosis and treatment, PLM’s challenge lies in educating the public not to ostracise and discriminate the persons affected by leprosy and to remove the stigma attached to the disease. As PLM intensifies its leprosy awareness campaigns, the Girl Scout of the Philippines did not hesitate to respond to PLM’s challenge. Faithful to their Scout’s Promise to help other people, the Girl Scouts of the Philippines helped the persons affected by leprosy by adopting the PLM coin banks. In one of their activities early this year the Girl Scouts took time to listen to PLM’s challenge to help reduce stigma and discrimination against the persons who have or had leprosy. They also showed their love and support for this advocacy by handing over their donations amounting to Php71,959. The programs of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines are really helpful in developing the girls to share their lives for others.

Encouraged by this show of support, PLM is praying that more people will support and donate to enable PLM to continue its mission to find and treat leprosy cases and restore lives of persons affected by leprosy. For information and donations visit PLM’s website ( or deposit your donations to:

Bank of Philippine Islands
West Triangle Branch Peso Acct. No. 3053-4518-36
West Triangle Branch US Dollar Acct. No. 3054-0158-94