Leprosy Awareness Campaigns

PLM broke ground once more in its advocacy to reduce the stigma of leprosy.
We did a ‘first’ when we  appeared live on air and on TV in DZMM Teleradyo’s
Magandang Gabi, Doc  (Feb. 7, 2013) with a treated leprosy patient and PLM
scholar, Dazelle Ann Coucher. Daz was hailed by the hosts, Nina Corpuz and
Dr Luisa Puyat, as a heroine amongst leprosy patients for having the courage
to appear in the show to tell her story.

Daz is indeed very courageous and so empowered through the support and
encouragement of PLM and the Hansen’s Club. She agreed to appear on the show
despite the fact that she was having a mild lepra reaction ( ENL) and was
also nervous. This did not show at all during the show and she was praised
for her confident and pleasant aura.

We hope that our key messages about leprosy will be remembered by the
listeners and that many more will be compassionate rather than fearful
towards leprosy affected persons.

-Belen Dofitas, M.D
President, Philippine Leprosy Mission

4 thoughts on “Leprosy Awareness Campaigns

  1. sylvia chan says:

    God bless… hope you can also help us in our province …. increasing numbers of cases…..among IP’s

    • admin says:

      Dear MS. Chan,

      Greetings from PLM!
      Kindly inform us where your province is.
      Thank you and God bless!


  2. Klein Rowen Cantiveros says:

    I’m a nursing student in Velez College Cebu City and we are currently doing a study entitled “The Lived Experience of Persons Diagnosed with Leprosy Mainstreamed to the Society”. In line with this, we as a group are willing to help in the ongoing mission. We also have seen this patients and we are inspired to tell their story and at least in our own simple ways be able to help. We are one with you in your advocacy.

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