The Philippine Leprosy Mission 2013

Prepared by: Ana Marisa Cambel (Program Director).

It has been fifty two years since the Philippine Leprosy Mission (PLM) became part of the battle against leprosy by serving the people affected by the disease. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), although the Philippines as achieved a leprosy prevalence rate of <1:10,000, our country remains as the top contributor of new cases of leprosy in the Western Pacific area. In 2012, the number of new cases of leprosy in the Philippines reached 2,150.

The Department of Health-National Leprosy Control Program (DOH-NLCP) confirmed that pockets of hyper- endemic areas still exist. NLCP has asked the participation of various stakeholders to achieve the goal of reducing the number of these hyper-endemic areas by 50% before 2016. PLM responded with a Memorandum of Agreement to assist the agency in its leprosy control efforts.

PLM conducted its own intensified leprosy awareness campaigns and community skin screening activities using the Partners in Leprosy Action (PILA) project. PLM continued to provide psychosocial, educational, medical and emergency assistance, and enhanced the spiritual growth of its members through the Community Services and Development program. This is in line with PLM’s mission to transform the persons affected by leprosy into holistic members of society.

Highlights of this year’s activities include:.

1. PLM Mission 1: Active Case Finding

Bronze Award for Best Practices in Fighting Leprosy